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Biography for David Cagney                                   

A Native Texan born in Houston, is the beginning of an incredible life story for David Cagney. Growing up in Bellaire, Texas, a suburb of Houston, David displayed an artistic flair at the age of three, by dancing to the music of Fats Domino, Benny Goodman and Tommy Dorsey. Favorites of his father Richard. He soon began collecting the pots and pans from the kitchen and assembled his own drum set.

At the age of five, he began his art career by painting watercolors in school. At eight he began playing ukulele and singing in his elementary school chorus. Thus the beginning of a life long passion for music and art. When David was ten years of age, his family had business abroad. David was now living in the Netherlands in Amsterdam. He became inspired by the Art Works displayed in the Rijksmuseum of Amsterdam. Such great artists as Rembrandt Van Rijn and Vincent Van Gogh had a pronoun effect on David's artistic outlook. At fourteen he began formal classical guitar lessons and gave recitals performing such classics as “Romanza” , a 17th Century classical piece.

Soon youth and the sixties influences took over and David joined his first rock band “Star” at fifteen. Playing High School Dances and Sock Hops, David was now a professional musician. His first paying Gig was fifty dollars and all the beer he could drink at a Bellaire High School party hosted by the Bellaire Cheerleaders.

David went on to play in his teens and early twenties with musical acts such as “ The Reactors” in Austin, “Six Days Off” from Houston and eventually his signature band “Enpublik”. Pronounced “In Public”. At this point, David was doing Showcase performances nationally and production/producing for other National Recording Acts such as Michael Jackson, Rush, Madonna, Black Oak Arkansas, Billy Idol, Huey Lewis and the News, Ted Nugent, The Eagles, Bush, Eddie Murphy, Amy Grant, Power Station and many more. Playing in Austin with the likes of Jimmy Vaughn and Stevie Ray Vaughn, Lyle Lovett and many other Texas Artists. Peforming at many of the early SWSX Austin Music Awards and encouraging new talent.

David studied Art every year of his life in school from elementary school through his college days at Texas A&M University. David graduated with a BS in Electrical Engineering, all the while studying Art and Literature as electives during his college years. After doing years of Oil Paintings in his early twenties, and receiving commissions for works from the likes of Texas Commerce Bank, David put down his painting brushes and focused on his musical career. What a loss for the Art Community.

David's time may have been spent away from his painting, but not away from accomplishing great feats in his business career. As CEO of Cagney Enterprises Corporation, David achieved sales with six different businesses, including his firms CEC Computers, Inc. , Space City Limousines, Cagney Productions and Film, Growling Dog Records, and "Enpublik" the band. With these five companies and the mother Corporation, Cagney Enterprises Corporation, in 1993 and 1994, David was nominated and awarded  as an " Honored Member of Who's Who Worldwide ". Thus recognizing David as a truly exceptional individual in the world business marketplace. Members of the 
"Who's Who Registry of Global Business Leaders" are recognized with a membership that states "Memberships Are Limited to those Individuals Who have Demonstrated Outstanding Leadership and Achievement in their Occupation, Industry or Profession". David received this award two years in a row.  A very rare, impressive and unique distinction for any individual.    

Well, take heed, for David is back. In his retirement from his Engineering, IT Consulting and mutiple business ventures that have made up his Career, David has once again begun to compose new music and continue his first love of painting art work. Founding his newest business venture “Rock Star Art”, David has begun showing his works at several Art Galleries in the Houston area. This Web Site is a portal to his newest paintings “ Abstracts by Cagney”. The "Works" page on this site will be updated regularly with his newest works and information.

Being a direct relative of James Cagney the Actor, and with his unique Musical Career Accomplishments, you are able to own a work of art from a true Rock Star musician and being from a family that has been in the Entertainment Business for more than eighty years. This is a unique opportunity to have an artistic rendering from a truly famous individual, who has just begun painting again after thirty years. What an Opportunity we have!

So if you know David Cagney, or get the opportunity to meet the man, you will realize he is a man of passion and grandeur. He lives his life with the throttle fully depressed, living his life to its fullest. His art works are no different. You will notice his exceptional use of color, contrast and placement. David's style is what he describes as " Dynamic Flow ". A style similar to Jackson Pollock's flow paintings and his use of dynamic color much like that of Andy Warhol's works. David also paints works that are more traditional Abstracts with structure and composition. His newest works are a series he calls " Electric Arc Sensation". David completes his works with a special process he calls " The Pop". He truly is an Artist to be recognized. One must really observe his paintings in person to truly appreciate their beauty and style. We look forward to the future works he will share with us. If you get a chance to attend one of his Art Gallery Exhibitions, you will understand our passion for his work. His paintings are best viewed in person, with the full impact of the color and size of his works.

So please enjoy the works presented here from Rock Star Art, as we proudly present to you, “ Abstracts by Cagney”

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